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Paul J Rosen, J.D., LAc, E.A.M.P. is the clinic director of AcuNatural Family Healthcare and a licensed acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. His expertise includes nutrition as a certified master of Nutrition Response Testing. His chosen specialty is designing personalized nutritional healing programs for those who suffer from chronic and degenerative illnesses.  He works with those who want to want to escape the suppressive western medical practices that would apply prescription medications and/or surgery to these illnesses ~ illnesses that most most always have their root cause in poor nutrition.

Paul is the author of The Great Health Heist, Be Healthy Now ~ Your Passport To Wellness, Be Healthy Now ~ For Women and his most recent book The Missing Piece. He hosts “Health Matters”, his call-in radio show that broadcasts every Saturday from 10-11 AM PST on KUFO 970 AM radio in Portland, Oregon.

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Paul J. Rosen

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