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Bill, Part 1 (Acid Reflux, Joint Pain)

Bill, Part 2 (Acid Relux, Joint Pain)


Bill, Part 3 (Acid Reflux, Joint Pain)

Bruce (Allergies, Headaches)

David W. (Insomnia, Allergies)

David W. 2 Years Later, Part 1

David W. 2 Years Later, Part 2

David W. 2 Years Later, Part 3

Debbie G, Part 1(ADHD, High Blood Pressure, Weight Control)

Debbie G, Part 2 (ADHD, High Blood Pressure, Weight Control)

Ines (Blood Pressure, Arthritis)

Nadia (Weight, Allergies, Sinuses)

Jude & Rod, Part 1 (Lower Back Pain, Allergies)

Jude & Rod, Part 2 (Lower Back Pain, Allergies)

Juanita, Part 1 (IBS, Arthritis)

Juanita, Part 2 (IBS, Arthritis)

Julia, Part 1 (Asthma, Allergies)

Julia, Part 2 (Asthma, Allergies)

Julia, Part 3 (Asthma, Allergies)

Pat (Allergies)

Kristina, Part 1 (Autoimmune)

Kristina, Part 2 (Autoimmune)

Kristina, Part 3 (Autoimmune)

Susan (Thyroid/Allergies)

Steve R., Part 1 (Allergies/Skin)

Steve R., Part 2 (Allergies/Skin)

Tom (Asthma, Sinus)

John (Back Pain, Supplements)

Josie (Insomnia, Blood Pressure)

Julie (Chronic Fatigue, Brain Fog)

Michael (Blood Pressure)

Mike C. (Bone Break)

Phyllis (Urinary, Bladder)

Cheryl, Part 1 (Leg/Foot Cramps)

Cheryl, Part 2 (Leg/Foot Cramps)

Cheryl, Part 3 (Leg/Foot Cramps)

David, Part 1 (Chronic Body Pain)

David, Part 2 (Chronic Body Pain)

David, Part 3 (Chronic Body Pain)

Don (Cardiovascular Disease)

Del, Part 1 (Chronic Colds, Allergies)

Del, Part 2 (Chronic Colds, Allergies)

Ken, Part 1 (Diabetes, Cholesterol)

Ken, Part 2 (Diabetes, Cholesterol)

Brad, Part 1 (Digestion, Weight Loss)

Brad, Part 2 (Digestion, Weight Loss)

Brad, Part 3 (Digestion, Weight Loss)

Annie (Depression, Weight Gain)

Don G., Part 1 (Fatigue, Diabetes)

Don G., Part 2 (Fatigue, Diabetes)

Don G., Part 3 (Fatigue, Diabetes)

Dennis (Diabetes)

Jan, Part 1 (Weight Loss, Digestion)

Jan, Part 2 (Weight Loss, Digestion)

Brenda (Diabetes, Menopause)

Jeanne (Thyroid, Fatigue, Dry Skin)

Catherine & Denise, Part 1 (Joint Pain, Energy)

Catherine & Denise, Part 2 (Joint Pain, Energy)

Connie, Part 1 (Menopause/Fatigue)

Connie, Part 2 (Menopause/Fatigue)

Doug, Part 1 (Fatigue, Immune System)

Doug, Part 2 (Fatigue, Immune System)

Guy, Part 1 (Fatigue, Neuropathy)

Guy, Part 2 (Fatigue, Neuropathy)

Cynthia (Fibromyalgia)

Joyce (Energy, Fatigue)

Misty, Part 1 (Soy/Fibromyalgia)

Misty, Part 2 (Soy/Fibromyalgia)

Misty’s Encore, Part 1 (Soy/Fibromyalgia)

Misty’s Encore, Part 2 (Soy/Fibromyalgia)

Misty’s Encore, Part 3 (Soy/Fibromyalgia)

Kathleen’s Children (Pain, Fatigue)

Laurann (Fatigue, Diabetes)

Libby (Heart Health)

Chris, Part 1 (Heart Burn/ Sensitivities)

Chris, Part 2 (Heart Burn/ Sensitivities)

Valerie (Menopause, Hot Flashes)

Vanessa (Irregular Heart Beat)

Brad M. (IBS)

Katie (Indigestion)


Marilyn (Weight, Moods)

Tracy Z., Part 1 (Menopause)

Tracy Z., Part 2 (Menopause)

Elsie (Migraines, Constipation)

Marcie, Part 1 (Digestion, Neck Pain)

Marcie, Part 2 (Digestion, Neck Pain)

Don & Marilyn (Octagenarians)

Chet (Psoriasis)

Mark & Theresa, Part 1 (Migraines, Skin)

Mark & Theresa, Part 2 (Migraines, Skin)

Mike F., Part 1 (Sinus, Sweaty)

Mike F., Part 2 (Sinus, Sweaty)

Olivia, Part 1 (Teenager/Artificial Sweetener)

Olivia, Part 2 (Teenager/Artificial Sweetener)

Connie (Sugar)

David W. (Insomnia, Allergies, Migraines, Lower Back Pain)

David W. 2 years later (Insomnia, Allergies, Migraines, Lower Back Pain) pt.1

David W. 2 years later (Insomnia, Allergies, Migraines, Lower Back Pain) pt. 2

 David W. 2 years later (Insomnia, Allergies, Migraines, Lower Back Pain) pt. 3

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